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                              • Event: Future Forces Forum Event Date: 17-19 October 2018 Event Location: Prague, Czech Republic Hall: 3 Booth Number: 307 read more

                              • Event: NSC Congress &amp; Expo Event Date: 22-24 October 2018 Event Location: Houston, USA Booth Number: 835 read more

                              • Sapphire Finishing Mills Limited techtextil Visit us at Booth# H-88 Hall 3.1 (9-12 May 2017) Sapphire with its huge operations has the size and the financial backbone to strengthen your supply chain.  Being our partners, allows your product development team to think loud and out of the box; and our experts aided with vertical integration, [&hellip;] read more3d村胆码独胆双胆

                              • Exhibition:          Colombiatex City/Country:     Columbia Date:                    24th – 26th January 2017 &nbsp; The New Game: Acting Swiftly &amp; Stepping into the Future &nbsp; read more3d村胆码独胆双胆

                              • &nbsp; Exhibition:                 Munich Fabric Start City/Country:            Munich, Germany. Date:                           31ST  – 2ND February 2017 &nbsp; To Germany &amp; Beyond read more

                              • &nbsp; Exhibition:          TEXWOLRD City/Country:     Paris, France. Date:                    6th – 9th February 2017 World’s premium most textile fair read more

                              • &nbsp; Exhibition:            Intertextile City/Country:       Shanghai, China Dates:                   15th &#8211; 17th March 2017 Where East Meets West read more3d村胆码独胆双胆

                              • Exhibition:                 Kingpins Show City/County:             Amsterdam, Netherlands. Exhibition Dates:     19th – 20th April 2017 read more3d村胆码独胆双胆

                              • &nbsp; Exhibition:             Techtextil City/Country:        Frankfurt, Germany. Dates:                     9th – 12th May 2017 &nbsp; Connecting the Future read more

                              • Exhibition:               Kingpins Show City/County:           New York, USA. Exhibition Dates:   10th – 11th May 2017 read more3d村胆码独胆双胆

                              • Exhibition:                  Munich Fabric Start City/Country:             Munich, Germany Date:                            05th – 7th September 2017 &nbsp; TO GERMANY &amp; BEYOND read more3d村胆码独胆双胆

                              • Exhibition:          TEXWOLRD City/Country:     Paris, France. Date:                    18th – 21st September 2017 WORLD’S PREMIUM MOST TEXTILE FAIR read more3d村胆码独胆双胆

                              • Exhibition:                         NSC Safety Congress&amp; Expo City/County:                     INDIANAPOLIS, USA. Exhibition Dates:              25-27 September, 2017 read more

                              • Exhibition: A+A City/County: Dusseldorf, Germany. Exhibition Dates: 17-20 October, 2017 read more


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