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                    • About

                      The Sapphire Group

                      Solid, stable and secure.   The Sapphire Group is a leader among the largest integrated textile producers in Pakistan.

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                      Over 40 years, we’ve become known for product and service quality and our partnership with customers and clothing factories around the world.

                      Sapphire Group started its operations from Calcutta (Present Day India) before moving to Pakistan, setting up the first spinning unit and beginning its pioneering leadership in the industry.

                      During the past four decades, Sapphire has grown in the textile sector by continuously expanding and broadening its penetration into the industry. Today it's a vertically integrated premier textile group, manufacturing cotton yarn, fabric and garments.

                      The Group has the most modern and organized textile production setup with products exported to over 35 destinations around the globe. The Group employs more than 16,000 and has a well established infrastructure of textile management. Sapphire Group has an annual turnover of over US $800 million with an asset base of over US $500 million.

                      The Group has also diversified into the power generation and dairy sectors. Sapphire Electric Company is a 234 MW combined cycle plant in Muridke. Sapphire Dairies Private Limited operates a large mechanized dairy farm based on 100 acres near Manga, Lahore with a herd size of 3000 and a target of 10,000 milking cows (300,000 liters per day) by 2020.

                      Sapphire Group is actively involved in community welfare programs and has two primary and secondary schools -- one run by Sapphire and other by The Citizen’s Foundation -- providing subsidized education to the underprivileged. Every spring, Sapphire holds an eye camp for the rural community to treat patients with cataract disease. Regular donations are given to various health and education institutions. The Chairman of the Group, Mian Abdullah, has been awarded the Sitara-e-Imtiaz (Star of Excellence) award by the Government of Pakistan for contributions towards the development of the country.

                      • ACCESS TO COTTON

                        3d村胆码独胆双胆Ownership and guaranteed access to the cotton best suitable for bottom-wear.

                      • SPINNING

                        Capacity of 350,000 spindles with a production capacity of 65,000 Kgs of yarn per month from 6/s to 120/s.

                      • KNITS

                        3d村胆码独胆双胆Knits dyeing and finishing and apparels unit has a capacity of knitting 500 tons of greige fabric, 300 tons of dyed and finished fabric and producing 430,000 pcs of garments per month.

                      • WEAVING

                        More than 700 looms with a capacity of 9 million meters greige fabric per month. Produced on state of the art Picanol, Tsudakoma and Dornier Airjet looms.

                      • DYEING & FINISHING

                        3d村胆码独胆双胆With a capacity of 6 million meters per month, Sapphire Finishing is geared up for all your PFGD and dyed fabric needs.

                      • STITCHING

                        3d村胆码独胆双胆Rugged industrial and service garment fabrics and stitching... and a purpose-built plant for heavyweight fabrics up to 450 GSM and 71-inch intake.

                      • HOME TEXTILES

                        3d村胆码独胆双胆Sheet sets, quilt/duvet covers, bed skirts, shams, pillowcases, comforters, curtains, table covers, aprons, etc

                      • POWER

                        3d村胆码独胆双胆The Group has diversified into the Power Generation sector. Sapphire Electric Company is a 234 MW combined cycle plant in Muridke.

                      • DAIRIES

                        Sapphire Dairies operates a large mechanized dairy farm based on 100 acres of land near Manga, Lahore with a herd size of 3000 with a target of 10,000 milking cows (300,000 liters per day) by the year 2020.

                      • Event: Future Forces Forum Event Date: 17-19 October 2018 Event Location: Prague, Czech Republic Hall: 3 Booth Number: 307 read more3d村胆码独胆双胆

                      • Event: NSC Congress &amp; Expo Event Date: 22-24 October 2018 Event Location: Houston, USA Booth Number: 835 read more

                      • Sapphire Finishing Mills Limited techtextil Visit us at Booth# H-88 Hall 3.1 (9-12 May 2017) Sapphire with its huge operations has the size and the financial backbone to strengthen your supply chain.  Being our partners, allows your product development team to think loud and out of the box; and our experts aided with vertical integration, [&hellip;] read more3d村胆码独胆双胆

                      • Exhibition:          Colombiatex City/Country:     Columbia Date:                    24th – 26th January 2017 &nbsp; The New Game: Acting Swiftly &amp; Stepping into the Future &nbsp; read more3d村胆码独胆双胆

                      • &nbsp; Exhibition:                 Munich Fabric Start City/Country:            Munich, Germany. Date:                           31ST  – 2ND February 2017 &nbsp; To Germany &amp; Beyond read more

                      • &nbsp; Exhibition:          TEXWOLRD City/Country:     Paris, France. Date:                    6th – 9th February 2017 World’s premium most textile fair read more3d村胆码独胆双胆

                      • &nbsp; Exhibition:            Intertextile City/Country:       Shanghai, China Dates:                   15th &#8211; 17th March 2017 Where East Meets West read more

                      • Exhibition:                 Kingpins Show City/County:             Amsterdam, Netherlands. Exhibition Dates:     19th – 20th April 2017 read more

                      • &nbsp; Exhibition:             Techtextil City/Country:        Frankfurt, Germany. Dates:                     9th – 12th May 2017 &nbsp; Connecting the Future read more3d村胆码独胆双胆

                      • Exhibition:               Kingpins Show City/County:           New York, USA. Exhibition Dates:   10th – 11th May 2017 read more

                      • Exhibition:                  Munich Fabric Start City/Country:             Munich, Germany Date:                            05th – 7th September 2017 &nbsp; TO GERMANY &amp; BEYOND read more3d村胆码独胆双胆

                      • Exhibition:          TEXWOLRD City/Country:     Paris, France. Date:                    18th – 21st September 2017 WORLD’S PREMIUM MOST TEXTILE FAIR read more

                      • Exhibition:                         NSC Safety Congress&amp; Expo City/County:                     INDIANAPOLIS, USA. Exhibition Dates:              25-27 September, 2017 read more

                      • Exhibition: A+A City/County: Dusseldorf, Germany. Exhibition Dates: 17-20 October, 2017 read more


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